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What should I eat for breakfast?

In order to lose fat, despite what all the diet books and "fitness pros" say a calorie is not just a calorie when it comes to fat loss. You can cut your calories and lose weight BUT are you loosing muscle, fat, water weight?
What exactly are you doing to your metabolism by cutting calories too fast to drop that 10 pounds FAST?

If you want to lose fat what do you actually eat?

I decided to pick on the first meal of the day to start your day out right BREAKFAST:

Here are some common breakfast items that the general population eat:
Grab and go: Starbucks reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake and a Coconutmilk Moca Macchiato
Breakfast out: eggs, orange juice, bacon, hash browns and toast
Breakfast at home: cereal, milk, coffee and orange juice
No Breakfast

Whats wrong with these typical American Diet breakfasts for fat loss?

1) carbs are too high
2) no fibrous veggies
3) no healthy fats
4) low on protein

Let's look at some examples of some healthy options that will help you out with your fat loss goal for the 1st meal of the day:

Grab and go: Super Shake
Breakfast out: Veggie Omlette (double veggies please), tea and a side salad
Breakfast at home:Plain nonfat greek yogurt (make it Dannon Tripple Zero and add 6 grams of fiber without even trying), walnuts, peaches, sweetened with stevia

When thinking about smart choices for meals think about complex carbs for steadily released energy, lean protein to keep you satisfied and healthy fats for powerful anti-inflammatory boost.

Start with small goals and habits. Something as simple as switching out some of your choices for breakfast can help you get on your way to Reinventing the new YOU! Do you need help taking the step to a better you? I'm here to help you with your goal... drop me an email and let me know how I can help you! [email protected]

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